Castrol safecoat dw 18x

Castrol safecoat dw 18xCastrol DW18X inhibitor
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Product Feature: Castrol DW18X anti-rust agent is a kind of solvent antirust liquid excellent, excellent performance with dehydration. After evaporation of the solvent, the formation of thin oil and grease protective anti-rust film. Product advantages: Based on low aromatic solvent formulation (aromatic content 10ppm), does not contain heavy metals, such as barium, film uniformity, excellent water displacement and the permeability, good stability, acid and alkali resistance ability, long service life, low smell Product application: Castrol SafeCoat DW 18X from aqueous cutting liquid handling or please workpiece washed fast removal of water. Make it suitable for a plating process. The formation of a very thin to workpiece storage for process or transport provide mid-term anti-rust protection effectively. Although the SafeCoat DW 18X can be used by spraying application, but the dehydration effect ideal is the workpiece to obtain dip tank. Shenzhen City Fu Shunda Lubricating Oil Co. Ltd. the country's largest authorized Mobil shell oil agent wholesale company, the company built a large storage facilities complete varieties and timely supply to ensure the quality of puerile. Facing the country at all levels of customers wholesale supply! According to customer with lubricating oil products recommend the most suitable. Shell oil (SHell), Caltex lubricating oil (CALTEX), Mobil Oil (Mobil), Esso lubricants (Esso), BP lubricating oil, lubricating oil and the lubricating oil industry.