Castrol techniclean as 58

Castrol techniclean as 58Castrol techniclean as 58" class="alignright"/>Techniclean AS 58
Product Data
Techniclean AS 58
Hydrocarbon Solvent Cleaner >
Techniclean AS 58 is a fast drying, low odour, isoparaffine based solvent cleaner. It has excellent solvency powers and is compatible with all metal substrates and most non-metal substrates. Techniclean AS 58 has been developed specifically as an alternative to chlorinated solvent cleaners. >
Soak Tank Ultrasonic Tank Components should be fully immersed in neat product. Contact time depends on soil severity. Components should be fully immersed in neat product. Vapour Degreasing Product is well experienced for use in hydrocarbon vapour degreasing equipments Wipe Method Product should be applied neat via hand held spray or brush and the surface is then wiped to a clean, dry finish. >
Based on solvent with aromatic content less than 10 ppm Low odour Good solvency Excellent cleaning ability & residue free finish Fast drying >
May swell some rubber and plastics during long term contact Should not be used for cleaning live electrical equipment >
Techniclean AS 5821/04/2004
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