Промышленные масла Interflon

"Когда привычное средство не дает нужного результата" Interflon lubricants are designed to enable continuously running machines to perform longer. They also consume less energy. Machines lubricated with Interflon products consume 15% less energy and up to 80% lower fuel consumption compared to conventional lubricants, petrochemical oils and fats. For all machines, where manufacturers require quality lubricants, there are quality Interflon alternatives available. The product information available includes properties such as viscosity, water resistance, pressure load and stiffness according to the nomenclature described in NLGI. This allows technicians to responsibly determine which Interflon lubricant is best for your application, giving consideration to the machine, the environment and the specifications of the current lubricant. Upgrading to Interflon is a simple and secure process.

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