INTERFLON BIO WELD 15+User and environmentally friendly anti spatter

Most anti spatters produce toxic fumes when burning. Exhaust systems never extract everything completely, and so people breathe in toxic fumes. These things cause additional strain on the welder and must be avoided. Interflon Bio Weld 15+ does not produce toxic fumes when evaporating. It is an ideal supplementary tool for professional welders, who find it important to work in an environment that is as free from harmful substances as possible.
Interflon Bio Weld 15+ is a quickly biodegradable, silicone and chlorine-free anti spatter. It prevents the adhesion of weld beads on work pieces, tools and blowpipes/welding jets. It is water-based, non-flammable and extremely efficient. Does not contain VOC.
Interflon Bio Weld 15+ is suitable for gas-shielded and electrical welding, as well as for all applications where silicone-free anti spatter sprays are needed or prescribed. Has a cleaning effect. Also suitable for use on welding jets, as well as automatic welding machines with continuous spray devices. Extends the cleaning intervals of the jets.
'''Safe to use. Non-flammable. Does not have any negative effects on the welding seam. '''
Properties and advantages

Prevents the adhesion of weld beads
Reduces processing costs
Water-based and free of silicones and chlorine
No VOC, therefore safe for people and the environment
Free of oils that might produce toxic fumes during welding
Quickly biodegradable
Spray can without propellants, therefore no explosion risk
Suitable for use in the food and pharmaceuticals industry (NSF-A1)
Replaces all hazardous aerosol sprays
Product Application Areas
For professional welders in the construction of machines, systems, containers, shipbuilding, power stations and the metal sector. For use with MIG/MAG, TIG, electrode hand welding on steel and stainless steel. Also suitable for cutting work where the adhesion of spatter is not desirable. For the removal of oxidation from stainless steel we recommend Interflon Fin Clean Special. For the further treatment of stainless steel we recommend Stainless Steel Dry Cleaner.
Data sheets, Certifications and References
SDS Safety Data Interflon Bio Weld 15+
TDS Technical Data Interflon Bio Weld 15+
NSF® Certification Interflon Bio Weld 15+