Kluber molybkombin umf t4 spray

Kluber molybkombin umf t4 sprayFascinating Textile Machinery Textile applications We offer you complete line systems for the finishing of woven and knitted fabric: drying, heat-setting, sanforising, compacting, relaxing, continuous dyeing, curing. Technical applications We offer you complete line systems for the finishing of technical textiles, glass fibres and floor coverings: drying, heat-setting, coating, lining, laminating, functionalising, desizing, consolidating. After Sales & Service We offer you world-wide service and support for your lines: spare parts, lubricants, modernisations, modifications, installation, tele-service, maintenance, training, product optimisations. Technology centre You want to make trials with fabric or develop new products? We are glad to support you. ITMA 2015 This year's ITMA in Milan was a complete success! Jobs & career We are seeking creative heads and we offer you several opportunities for training and formation. Are you interested?

Kluber molybkombin umf t4 sprayИменно применение высококачественных смазок позволяет экономить больше средств так как увеличивается срок годности, уменьшается расход, повышается производительность оборудования, уменьшается количество сортов смазки и повышается надежность технологического процесса. На нашем сайте Вы можете более подробно познакомиться со всей продукцией компании "Kluber Lubrication".