Kluberalfa hpx 93 1202

Products Kluberalfa HPX 93-1202 High-temperature lubricant for extreme requirements in baking ovens and grills Product description Extensions and sliding rails in automatic or other baking ovens are expected to function without jamming or generating noise over many years of use. Operating conditions are extremely taxing for the lubricant with exposure to temperatures up to 300 °C, aggressive cleaning agents, greases and steam over many years. To reduce, or even prevent extensive relubrication, the lubricant has to work throughout the equipment lifetime. To make sure the food product is not compromised physiologically and its taste remains unaffected, the lubricant used must not release any substances which might provoke such effects. Benefits for your application Lifetime lubrication enabled by high thermal stability up to 300 °C Low noise and smooth running due to excellent damping behaviour Reduced relubrication due to good resistance to cleaning agents NSF H1 registered and ISO 21469 certified - supports compliance with the hygienic requirements in your production plant