Kluberalfa kra 3 730

Products Kluberalfa KRA 3-730 LV High-performance lubricant for plug-in contacts Product description Klüberalfa KRA 3-730 LV is a lubricating fluid based on PFPE oils that was especially developed for automatic minimum-quantity lubrication of large batches of plug-in contacts. Klüberalfa KRA 3-730 LV reduces assembly forces and protects surfaces effectively against tribological ageing without increasing contact resistance. A newly developed additive package prevents wear due to vibration (fretting corrosion) or frequent plug cycles, thus considerably increasing the operativeness of the lubricated contacts depending on their material. Klüberalfa KRA 3-370 LV contains fluorescent indicators which enable visual quality control when using adequate equipment. Benefits for your application Easier and safer assembly due to reduced plug-in/unplug forces Increased operativeness of contacts due to a new additive package Quality check by means of the integrated UV indicator is possible using adequate equipment Cost saving, fully automatic, large-batch application