Kluberplus s 09 107

Kluberplus s 09 107Products Product description Klüberplus S 09-107 is an air - and heat-hardening grey dispersion based on a special combination of solid lubricants in an inorganic binder. Klüberplus S 09-107 is fluid, ready to use and non-flammable. Once hardened, Klüberplus S 09-107 forms a dry lubricating film reducing friction and wear on tire segment molds. Benefits for your application Longer mold life Longer relubrication intervals Minimisation of downtime Easy application and relubrication Dry to the touch in short time at ambient temperature Resistant to greases and oils when heat-hardened Free of solvents and neutral in odour to minimise impact on people and environment Klüberplus S 09-107 reduces lubricant costs and increases productivity of a tire press