Klubersynth ghe 6 100

Products Product description Klübersynth GHE 6 oils are polyglycol-based gear and circulating oils particularly resistant to ageing and oxidation offering high scuffing load capacity. Benefits for your application Klübersynth GHE 6 oils offer much longer service life than mineral oils due to the excellent ageing and oxidation resistance of the synthetic base oil; thus maintenance intervals can be extended and in certain cases even lifetime lubrication is possible. Its high scuffing load resistance offers good scuffing protection even at high peak loads. The good wear protection of both gears and rolling bearings prevents premature component failure, leading to lower maintenance and repair costs. The optimum friction behaviour of the polyglycol base oil reduces power losses and improves efficiency. The excellent viscosity-temperature behaviour supports the formation of a separating lubricating film even at elevated temperatures. Seals made of 72 NBR 902, 75 FKM 585 and 75 FKM 170055 are resistant to Klübersynth GHE 6 oils. Leakage and contamination are prevented.

Approved by Flottweg Separation Technology.