Klubersynth kx 2 57

Products Stamping and lubricating fluid for plug-in contacts Product description Klübersynth KX 2-57 is a lubricating and stamping fluid based on a fully synthetic ester oil for electric contacts. Owing to the good lubricating capacity of Klübersynth KX 2-57 during stamping and forming of tin - or silver-plated nonferrous sheet metals, tool wear is kept low. After the stamping and forming process, Klübersynth KX 2-57 reduces assembly forces and protects surfaces effectively against tribological ageing without increasing contact resistance. Klübersynth KX 2-57 prevents wear due to vibration (fretting corrosion) or frequent plug cycles, thus considerably increasing the operativeness of the lubricated contacts. Benefits for your application Easier assembly due to reduced plug-in/unplug forces Increased operativeness of contacts Cost saving, fully automatic, large-batch application Stamping and lubricating fluid all in one