Klubertop p 39 462 spray

Products Klubertop P 39-462 Spray Inspection paint for load-bearing patterns on tooth flanks Product description Klübertop P 39-462 Spray is an air-drying paint for the inspection of load-bearing patterns on gear tooth flanks. It contains an inorganic binder and organic solvents. Since Klübertop P 39-462 Spray is resistant against gear lubricants based on polyglycol, PAO, ester and mineral oil, it can be used for checking and adjusting load-bearing patterns on tooth flanks without problems. The inspection paint is pigmented in intense blue, so it provides a distinct contrast against the bright metallic flank surfaces. Klübertop P 39-462 Spray offers good adhesion to clean tooth flanks, so it can be used to monitor the load-bearing pattern over an extended period of time in the –40 °C to 200 °C temperature range. Being a spray, the product can be applied to the tooth flank surfaces exactly where needed.

Benefits for your application Inspection of load-bearing pattern also with synthetic lubricants Intense blue colour offers well-contrasted picture Good adhesion allows long-term monitoring Simple and accurate spray application