Klubertop tg 05 371

Klubertop tg 05 371Products Thermosetting bonded coating Product description Klübertop TG 05-371 is a thermo-setting, grey-black bonded coating based on graphite and an organic binding agent. It is a fluid, ready-to-use product containing a mixture of solvents classified into the VbF AII group in accordance with the German regulations on flammable substances. Once applied and hardened, the coating forms a dry lubricant layer which has a very wide service temperature range and a low friction coefficient, ensures that there is no stick slip at low speeds, has a long service life and is very resistant to wear. In addition, this product has an excellent resistance to oil, and a good resistance to chemicals. It also provides good corrosion protection on phosphated surfaces. Benefits for your application Bonded graphite coating for metal components Wide service temperature range Efficient lubricating capacity in humid environments Suitable in context with oil lubrication Long service life, good wear resistance Good resistance to chemicals and oil